NECA Ghost Predator


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Narrowly escaping a Super Predator raid on his village, the Predator known as Ghost has used his "presumed dead" status to his advantage. He has devoted his life to systematically eliminating the entire race of those responsible fir the death of his people. Living in complete solitude, Ghost has taught himself extreme focus and patience, often scouting Super Predator tribes for weeks before a calculated strike. Using specialized thermal dampening netting, he is only seen seconds before a kill. This has caused him to become a subject of Super Predator lore - a "boogie man" whom his targets fear. The psychological advantage gives Ghost an edge in combat, as his opponents are often fear-stricken upon seeing him. His plasma caster is only for defense: Ghost prefers the death blow of a cleaver sword or smart disc, ensuring that his prey see him at their moment of death.