NECA Aliens vs Predator Temple Pillar


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Add to your Alien vs Predator collection or build amazing dioramas with the new deluxe Temple Pillar replica!

This incredibly detailed piece has been a central element of our AvP dioramas, and after an overwhelming number of requests from fans, we are making it available.

The Temple Pillar measures over 14" tall and is a faithful replica of the one seen on-screen in the movie, down to the Alien dome and Facehugger details molded into each side.

It's cast in resin and perfectly in scale with NECA's line of 7" Alien and Predator action figures.

Closed box packaging.

  • Fan requested diorama element
  • Stands over 14" Tall, in scale to NECA's regular line of figures. 
  • Resin casted, faithful to the on-screen version.