Comicave Studio Omni Class 1:12 Iron Man Mark 43

Comicave Studios

Regular price $ 109.99

From the movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron" comes Iron Man's armor, the MK XLIII, in an extremely detailed die-cast action figure from Comicave Studios. Featuring, over 20 points of articulation, LED chest and eyes, and it's body is some 75% diecast --  embedded throughout its body for weight and stability. Armor features metallic finish in vibrant red and gold coloring with forearm and shoulder mounted weapons and panels that open on the lower legs. Includes interchangeable hands and effect parts.

"Omni" means ‘every’ and the Omni Class line promises to be not only for seasoned collectors, but those new to the whole collecting thing as well. Still retaining 75% die cast content, improvements for the Omni Class figures will include extendable joints and articulated armor panels for better poseability, more accessible battery compartment for electronics, and sleeker packaging.