Minimates Aliens Pvt. Frost with Burning Alien

Diamond Select

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Series 2 of Minimates based on the classic 1986 sci-fi movie "Aliens". The game is not over, man!

DST returns to the world of the classic 1986 action movie with an all-new assortment of 2-packs! Four different sets include:
  • Pvt. Vasquez with Pvt. Hudson
  • Jumpsuit Ripley with Newt
  • Pvt. Frost with Burning Alien
  • and a rare, one-per-case set that has Pvt. Crowe with Attacking Alien and Eggs! 

Each set includes (2) 2-inch Minimates mini-figures featuring 14 points of articulation each, and interchangeable parts & accessories. Packaged on a blister card.

Designed by Art Asylum!