Fresh Figures is designing solutions for action figure accessory display. First and foremost will be our stands for displaying additional heads, helmets, and masks.
It's now a standard affair for items like this to come packaged with figures, and FF would like to offer an elegant and affordable product for displaying and/or organising them.





..was the first option conceived.



on the other hand... starting to look like something we'll be proud to offer.

Bear with us as we work out flexible options that work with 1/12.. 

and even 1/18 scale figures.

 We're developing a means to produce these things in reasonable enough quantities to make 'em cheap. If you have a pressing need for some, or to even inquire about custom configurations. Feel free to get in touch with us below. We can assemble stands of any height, on bases up to 6" in diameter, and even make them with foot pegs!